Scottish Association for Steiner Waldorf Education

Steiner Waldorf education is the fastest growing independent education movement in the world, with more than one thousand schools in six continents.

The first school, the Waldorf School, was founded by the Austrian philosopher and polymath, Rudolf Steiner in Stuttgart in 1919. Dr Steiner believed that education in his time had become too utilitarian and mechanistic. The reason that some schools are called Waldorf is that the first Steiner school was for children of workers of the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory. Through the Waldorf school Steiner hoped to create a more holistic model of imaginative learning which would be based on an in-depth understanding of child development and human nature. Today the unique curriculum found in every Steiner/Waldorf school reflects and deepens many of the twenty first century values that lie at the heart of Scotland's new Curriculum for Excellence: sustainability, respect, individuality, creativity, relevance and imagination.

Steiner/Waldorf education has been available in Scotland for over seventy years and caters for children between the ages of 3 and 18. Baby groups, toddler groups and play groups are also available. Those schools which accept older pupils also offer examinations programmers, from Standard Grade to Higher and beyond.This page provides a quick link to the web sites of our four schools. It also describes some of the activities and events organised by SASWE to widen the awareness and understanding of our work.